2023-2025 Executive Board Elected Officers and Positions


Demetra Daniels



DeShawn Bullard

First Vice President


Rosalyn Matthews

Second Vice President

Recording Secretary
L. Renee Whaley

Corresponding Secretary
Shantell James

Brenda Smith

Assistant Treasurer
Sonya Colbert

Financial Secretary
Jenna James

Assist. Financial Secretary
Karen Webb-Smith

Audit Chair
Lutrina Shelton

Audit Member
Anetta Ray-Smith

Audit Member
Lori Lindsey

Audit Member
Theresa Burrough

Audit Member
Theresa Usher

Nominating Chair
Gloria Sebastian

Nominating Member
Melinda Carson

Nominating Member
Candice Watkins

Nominating Member
Rashawn George

Nominating Member

Committee Chairs and Co-chairs

5 Programmatic Thrusts

Economic Development
Kimberly Underdue: Committee Chair
Dana Williams: Co-chair

Educational Development
Kimberlee Barnette: Committee Chair
Sharenia Hunter: Co-chair

International Awareness & Involvement
Saundra Golden: Committee Chair
Lisa Brayboy: Co-chair

Physical & Mental Health
Carliss Bender: Committee Chair
Keecia Walker: Co-chair

Political Awareness & Involvement
Patricia Myatt-Davis: Committee Chair


Arts & Letters
Jennifer Ryder: Committee Chair
Ziza McMillan: Co-chair

Ritual & Ceremonies
Cheryl Kelly-Walls: Committee Chair

Social Action | Political Awareness & Involvement
SA: TBD - Committee Chair
PA: TaQuonda Hill - Committee Chair
PA: Whitney Temple - Co-Chair

Standing Committees

Lutrina Shelton: Committee Chair

Budget & Finance
Brenda Smith: Committee Chair

Eleshia Cash: Committee Chair

Collegiate Connection Transition
Joy Mobley: Committee Chair
Raeven Smith: Co-chair

Courtesy & Hospitality
Terita Berry: Committee Chair
Ramona Parks: Co-chair

Standing Committees (Cont.)

Custodian of Properties
Chiniqeia Kenner: Committee Chair

Delta Emergency Response Team
Danita Daniels: Committee Chair
Zelda Tolbert: Co-chair

Lori Johnson: Committee Chair
Vivian Key: Co-chair

Heritage & Archives/Historian
Janice Hendrix: Committee Chair
Sharilyn Hamm: Co-chair

Information Communications
TBD: Committee Chair
TBD: Co-chair

Information Technology
Tianca Holloman: Committee Chair
Terry Bailey: Co-chair

Standing Committees (Cont.)

Gloria Sebastian: Committee Chair

Policies & Procedures
Alisha King: Committee Chair

Protocol & Traditions
Jeannie Wynne: Committee Chair
Kim Banks: Co-Chair

Risk Management
LaSonya Edwards: Committee Chair

Kimberly Seveur: Committee Chair

Sergeant at Arms
Donna Tebought:  Committee Chair
TBD:  Co-Chair

Special Committees

Charitable Partners
Neicy Gaines-Edmond: Chair

Community Impact
Stephanie Blackmon: Chair
Gloria Lee Hawkins: Co-Chair

Conf., Clusters & Conv.
Ayonna McClure Webb: Chair
Teleeta Adams: Co-Chair

To Be Determined

Grant Management
Tiffany Watson: Chair

Grow with Google
Trina Reeves: Chair
Erika Orr: Co-Chair

TBD: Chair

Special Committees (Cont.)

Jamyee Pleasant: Chair
Cynthia McCray: Co-Chair

May Week
Pam Rowie: Chair

Stephanie Webb: Chair
Felisha Hardy: Co-Chair

Pan Hellenic Council
Kimberly Miles: Chair

Strategic Alignment
Rasheeda Salaam-Tolbert: Chair
Traci Geter Bates: Co-Chair

Immediate Past President
Debra R. Abernathy